The Hydrogen Data - Sharing Site
The Hydrogen Data - Sharing Site


Below are a list of report references in order of which it was received mainly for hydrogen fueling data. To submit a reference, click on contact us.


1) Title: SAE Technical Report, 2014-01-1990 "Validation and Sensitivity Studies for SAE J2601, the Light Duty Vehicle Hydrogen Fueling Standard"




2) Title: SAE Technical Report, 2015-01-1177           "Field Validation of the MC Default Fill Hydrogen Fueling Protocol"



©, All Rights Reserved History was started in June 2015 with the mission to share data to help accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen fueling. It was brought about as a proposal in an infrastructure workshop between the US DOE, German NOW, Japanese NEDO and Scandinavian government and industry representatives.


All are invited to share in website and advance hydrogen protocols!


ISO TC 197 (on H2 stations) is also working to support this site regarding to data and templates.






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