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The Hydrogen Data - Sharing Site

Hydrogen Quality Data

The following H2 Quality Station Data reports are placed in order received for the site. To submit data write an email or click contact us.

1) H2Moves Scandinavia:  RESULTS FROM H2-FUEL GAS QUALITY Sampling and Analysis according to ISO 14687-2 and SAE J2719.

Source: Dr. Thor Aarhaug, Sintef (Norway)


Location: Multiple Hydrogen Fueling Stations Located around Oslo, Norway 


Please cite the source if used or referenced.

H2 Moves Scandinavia
H2 Quality Data and data sampling report including hydrogen quality sampling adapter description and test methodology.
H2MovesScandinavia_D7.4 (2).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.4 MB]

2) California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA):  RESULTS FROM H2-FUEL GAS QUALITY Sampling and Analysis according to SAE J2719/ ASTM D.O3 Standards.

Source: Dr. J.P. Hsu, Smart  Chemistry, Michael Dray, CSULA (USA)


Location: Los Angeles USA


Please cite the source if used or referenced.

H2 Quality Data Sampled from a Hydrogen Station at California State University at Los Angeles
H2 Quality California State University a[...]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [4.2 MB]

3) HyCoRA project Deliverable 3.2 Measurement of hydrogen quality variation at various HRS with different fuel feedstocks (Coming Soon)

©, All Rights Reserved History was started in June 2015 with the mission to share data to help accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen fueling. It was brought about as a proposal in an infrastructure workshop between the US DOE, German NOW, Japanese NEDO and Scandinavian government and industry representatives.


All are invited to share in website and advance hydrogen protocols!


ISO TC 197 Working Group 24 (on H2 stations) is also working to support this site regarding to data and templates.



The H2Protocol website was conceptualized from Jesse Schneider (BMW). Mr. Schneider established a number of firsts for FCEVs and H2 since 2001. He led the SAE J2601-2014 Standard and is the convener of ISO WG 24 (ISO 19880-1) team, co-chaired with France.




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